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About Us


Dolphin Line is a leading private carrier in the Southeast region featuring a solid freight base, which allows our drivers the luxury of spending quality time at home. Founded in 1986, we are the premier freight carrier leader of the Gulf Coast region. 


Headquartered in Mobile, AL, Dolphin Line runs predominantly in the Eastern half of the U.S., with an especially strong presence in the Southeast, Texas and the Carolinas with extended services in all lower 48 states. We are equipped to provide our high-caliber services to customers that may extend our operations into the North and Northeast regions of the country. 


Dolphin Line is 100 percent employee-owned, which means each and every one of our shareholders has a strong interest in delivering superior support to our customers. Your success leads to ours. Studies conducted by Harvard and Rutgers have shown that employee-owned companies outperform those that aren’t, and benefit from lower staff turnover, higher trust and greater shareholder value. As a 100 percent employee-owned company, Dolphin Line is driven to help your operation succeed because it fuels the prosperity of ours. That means we have a vested interest in growing our profitability and efficiency of operations and customer service so we can enhance the delivery of our fleet management solutions for the benefit of your business. By trusting your freight-carrying needs to us, you can focus your capital investments elsewhere.


With Dolphin Line, you get a long-held commitment to high quality and exceptional service that is built to last. The success of our company is built on operating in accordance with these core values: Call us today at 800.239.9001.



1.    We will be safe, professional and accountable in everything we do.

2.    We will be the low-cost provider, run lean and efficient, while maintaining the highest standards of safety, service and compliance.  

3.    We value honesty, integrity and open communication for problem solving and continuous improvement.

4.    We will be results-oriented, recognizing and rewarding employees based on their performance.

5.    We are built to last for the benefit of our customers and shareholder employees.