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Dolphin Line is a 100% Employee-Owned Company, and has been in business for over 40 years!  How do we do it? By offering our Professional Shareholder Drivers the miles they need, the comfort they want, and the home-time they deserve. Dolphin Line has an excellent safety record. Your CSA score is important to you. When you become a Shareholder at Dolphin Line. you join a team of highly dedicated professional drivers. Our drivers enjoy the benefit of some of the best safety scores in the industry!

At Dolphin Line, we offer options for Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, Competitive Pay, and, 401k with Company Contributions. As an ESOP company, Dolphin Line Shareholders also have the benefit of ownership, receiving yearly distributions of company stock for retirement. In addition to all these great benefits, Shareholders enjoy our fleet of well-maintained equipment which also includes 2016 Volvo tractors, fully equipped to offer the highest level of comfort, while providing the tools professional drivers need while on the road.

What is an ESOP?

An ESOP is an Employee Benefit Plan that makes the employees of a company owners of the stock of the company.

In an ESOP, only the employees can own stock. No One Else. ‚Äč

How do ESOP's work?

  • The Plan is filed for approval with the Department of Labor (DOL) and the IRS.
  • Once the Plan is approved, the ESOP has 12 months to act.
  • The ESOP then creates a Trust.
  • The Trust buys all the stock of the company.
  • The Trust then makes annual contributions of stock to individual employee accounts through a compensation allocation formula.

Dolphin Line's ESOP?

  • Dolphin Line's ESOP is a Retirement Trust
  • Shares vest over 5 years or immediately upon death or total disability

  • Withdrawals generally begin after normal retirement age of 65

  • Withdrawals must be taken at 70.5 years of age

Other ESOP Features?

  • Accounts trigger automatically at
  • At 10 years in the plan and age 55, employee will be given an option to diversify. 
  • Again at 60 years (and 10 years service), there is a one-time option to diversify up to 50%.

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